Author: clintness

Touring Bird Google Project

Folding into Google’s travel team as of October 21, 2019, Touring Bird was originally a startup project incubated within Google’s Area 120. Its goal? Bringing trip planning and travel booking to the next level. Enlisting the guidance of travel experts covering over 200 top destination worldwide, I covered lesser-known must-try activities and eats in Montreal, the fourth largest French-speaking city across the globe and the most populated one in the developed world second only to Paris.

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7 Reasons Montreal Bagels Are Better Than New York’s

Bagels are wheat elevated—a synergy of malt, yeast, flour, and water transmuted into gluttonous joy spread across the land. Try one once and down the bagel hole you go, hooked for life. But who makes them best? Predictably, New York has declared itself the authority on rolls with holes. The city does make great bagels. But there’s just one thing.

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