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​Cirque de Soleil’s Amaluna Dazzles. And Fizzles.

On the outside, it seems like performance art reviewers have a plush job. It is when a show is a triumph. But what about when it’s not? With that being said, I could tell you Amaluna is dazzling, electrifying, magical, and exquisite, close the critique with an exclamation point, and ensure my invitation to the next hottest party. Or, I could take the road less traveled and tell you what I saw.

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George A. Romero… The Godfather of Zombies

Name drop “George A. Romero” on any given day and anticipate chatter of zombies to follow suit. Yet if you ask the “zombie godfather” his take, he’ll tell you he never set out to have his undead concept infect pop culture so pervasively, if the proliferation of urban zombie walks, zombie video games, and a wildly successful primetime series are any indication that the zombie apocalypse is here to stay.

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