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Fish Fraud: This One Simple Tip Can Save You Money and Major Bathroom Woes

Fish fraud is not exactly a new phenomenon. Unscrupulous sellers have been mislabeling fish using the old bait and switch scam since time immemorial, fooling consumers into believing they’re buying a premium fillet when they’re actually being sold a cheap impostor. Mind you, that cheap impostor might actually taste good. And it might also induce explosive diarrhea. Here’s how to prevent that from happening to you.

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Orange Julep: Of Hot Dogs and Hot Rods

Montreal’s finest hot wheels and classic cars converge weekly at roadside diner the Orange Julep—the “Big Orange”—on Decarie Boulevard, a favorite landmark/eyesore among kids, their parents, their grandparents, and even their grandparent’s parents, a tradition going back generations that goes hand in hand with a mystery beverage suspiciously reminiscent of industrial hand soap.

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Dragon Beard Candy

Apart from Hong Kong where dragon beard candy is common, there are but a handful of places in the world that sell the ancient Chinese confection originally reserved for aristocracy, with dragon beard candy stands spotted in Beijing, Taipei, and Singapore as well as New York City, Boston, Vancouver and Toronto, though its first Western roots sprung in Montreal according to Johnny Chin, a dragon beard candy master who claims he introduced the delicacy to North America, back in November 1991.

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