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Masala Chai: How to Make the Perfect Cup of Tea

Masala chai is a spicy Indian tea boiled with spices and milk on a stove top to produce the perfect cup. But who has the time to monitor a boiling pot and stir constantly to prevent the milk from clotting? Here’s an easier way to get the same amazing flavor, complete with homemade froth.

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The Best Earl Grey Decaf I’ve Ever Tasted

The best Earl Grey decaf tea I’ve ever tasted also happens to be the best decaf I’ve ever tried. And tried decafs I have. I call them attempts to turn an otherwise obsessive tea habit limited to a short daytime window into a magical 24-hour realm of possibility.

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This Nepali Black Tea Tastes Like Honey

Nestled in the Himalayas an 11-hour drive from Kathmandu is Jun Chiyabari, an organic Nepali tea garden reaching elevations nearing 7,000 feet above sea level, whose plots feature a unique blend of Darjeeling, Chinese, Japanese, and Taiwanese cultivars.

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Rare Winter Frost Tea From the Blue Mountains

Tea in India, like in other tea-producing countries, is typically picked in spring, summer, and autumn. But one region in the country waits for a chilly window in January and February when frost hits to pluck its prized leaves, producing a sweetening effect similar to what happens with ice wine grapes.

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Why Tea?

To be a fly on the wall when the first cave folk discovered the glory of leaf-soaked water. Little did he or she know the humble beverage would become the most popular tonic on the planet.

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