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Dance Performance Evelyn Reid: Vernissage Yann Normand

A professional artist for the better part of 20 years, sculptor Yann Normand wanted to do something a little different for his first solo show. Asking me to perform literally anything I want, “fais ce que tu veux, Evelyn” on opening night of “Eternal Love” at the prestigious Galerie Le Royer in Old Montreal, I created a choreography informed by multiple channels.

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Origami Workshops

After spending months in preparation and reflection, I am thrilled to announce the details of my new project and reveal a childhood passion in the process. Join me for an afternoon of Zen with a cup of tea or coffee in one of the most stunning and inspiring spaces in Montreal as you learn origami, the ancient art of paper folding, guided by yours truly.

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Touring Bird Google Project

Folding into Google’s travel team as of October 21, 2019, Touring Bird was originally a startup project incubated within Google’s Area 120. Its goal? Bringing trip planning and travel booking to the next level. Enlisting the guidance of travel experts covering over 200 top destination worldwide, I covered lesser-known must-try activities and eats in Montreal, the fourth largest French-speaking city across the globe and the most populated one in the developed world second only to Paris.

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Masala Chai: How to Make the Perfect Cup of Tea

Masala chai is a spicy Indian tea boiled with spices and milk on a stove top to produce the perfect cup. But who has the time to monitor a boiling pot and stir constantly to prevent the milk from clotting? Here’s an easier way to get the same amazing flavor, complete with homemade froth.

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The Wind and the Banner

This is the story of two monks who argued about everything, right down to whether the day would turn out good, or bad, and whether the wind moved the banner—or is it the banner moving the wind? An exasperated Zen master got fed up. And chimed in.

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