Evelyn Reid
Evelyn Reid

Evelyn does a wonderful job managing the Lawless French social media pages, including promoting new content, creating writing prompts, answering questions, and offering corrections. Her friendly yet professional tone encourages French learners of all levels, keeping them motivated and engaged.

Laura Lawless

Founder and Editor of Lawless French, Guadeloupe, August 01, 2019

Evelyn is by far one of the most talented and dedicated writers and editors I know. Her Montreal site for About.com is filled with informative and snappily written articles on a city that can be intimidating for outsiders to get to know. Evelyn’s fresh, earnest and balanced coverage reveals her strong journalistic judgment, as well as her ability to parse vast amounts of information while reaching readers in an accessible yet personal style. She is also a discerning and talented editor with a real understanding of what makes online content successful, demonstrating strong skills in everything from photography to SEO. This has clearly allowed her to transcend the niche potential of a mid-tier city like Montreal, garnering pageviews and a dedicated readership whose numbers are more commensurate to global cities such as New York or London. I wholly recommend Evelyn for any and all editorial positions, in the domain of travel and beyond.

Courtney Traub

Journalist, Editor & Oxford Scholar, Oxford, England, January 11, 2017

Hi! I study physiology at McGill and really interested in your work! Love reading “Where’s Your Head?” I believe that we need to incorporate some spirituality (I’m not a core spiritualist and try to have distance to be impartial, but I do believe in our inner strength) into the conventional medicine in order to really heal patients. Thank you so much for your great work! Also love reading your articles about Montreal!

Emi Kanamaru

McGill Student, Montreal, March 28, 2018

The one true authority on what’s happening in our fair city.

Shaun McMahon

Radio Show Host on The Beat of Montreal 92.5 FM, Montreal, May 28, 2015

In my time managing Evelyn at About.com, I frequently turned to her site (montreal.about.com) and the exemplary content within as an exemplar for how to do it right as a Cities and Towns Guide on the network — creating far above the content creation minimum while being dedicated to growing her site traffic above all. She’s in the upper echelon of About Guides; her Montreal site is a comprehensive and link-laden content ecosystem (cross-linking and SEO are second nature to her); the traffic and user engagement on her site is evidence of this expertise. We only interfaced a few times — which was proof positive of her abilities as a self-starter — and in those instances her demeanor was as amiable as it was professional. Oh yeah, and she’s a terrific writer.
Zachary Collinger

About.com Editor, Cities and Towns, New York City, November 22, 2012

Thank you so much. And really, this is a great interview! I really appreciate all the background info that you knew.

Jeremy Teicher

Filmmaker, New York City, August 22, 2012

I saw Adam Cohen live at the 2012 Montreal Jazz Fest. An absolutely fantastic performance from beginning to end complete with onstage tequila intermission (you had to be there). Was hoping to interview the gent post-performance but, well, tequila. The hook? You don’t even need to be familiar with Leonard Cohen’s son’s discography to get swept away. He just reels you in with his gentle, visceral folk-tinged rock, even better experienced live than recorded. – Evelyn Reid

That’s sweet. Thank you.

Adam Cohen

Recording Artist (in reply to a feature on his upcoming Montreal Jazz Festival gig), Montreal, June 2, 2015

Evelyn immediately assumed the point-of-view of the target audience, covering angles and concerns I didn’t think to address. She framed her questions to me in a way that transformed my knowledge of the subject matter into a form that was both clear and engaging… without obscuring the highly technical nature of the subject (an IT System for micropayments involving major financial and commercial organizations). Thanks again, Evelyn!

Jim Britton

Computer Software Security Consultant, Montreal, April 2, 2013

Evelyn, I am an Aussie that worked in Montreal a few years ago and I fell head over heels in love with it. I come back every summer to stay for a while and I can’t tell you how much your words help me, both while I am here and to stay connected while I am away. What you do, your writing skills and love for this precious place is very important to me. Thank you so much.

John Parker

Brisbane, Australia, June 24, 2015

“Here’s the good news. I also saw two scenes the equivalent of time-suspended magic, one a balancing act involving a voluptuous “balance goddess” manipulating palm leaf ribs with her feet like a Hindu deva, the audience following along as she shared her every breath with the Big Top, controlled exhales like a lover’s heartbeat pressed against one’s ear followed by a faint chime breaking through the suspense. Thirteen suspended ribs later, the goddess destroys her laboured creation with a simple flick, removing its tiniest link. Its seemingly most insignificant piece is as powerful as its largest. The blond amazon elicited a standing ovation. That, my friends, is Cirque du Soleil.” – Evelyn Reid

That is one of the best texts I have read on [the] “balance” [act] ever… You totally capture the essence of it. Shukriya!

Thomas Imboden

CrossCulture and Rigolo Swiss Nouveau Cirque Communications Manager, Buchs, Switzerland, April 27, 2012

Wanted to let you know that your article about the best gym memberships in Montreal was awesome! You definitely have amazing writing skills.
Janet Kar

FeatForge Account Executive, San Franciso, November 26, 2014

I have for several years enjoyed your reporting. I used to live in Montreal but moved three years ago. I was an avid follower of your reporting and always felt like an insider because of you. Thanks for all the cool ideas!
Doug Morgan

Director of Calgary Transit, Calgary, March 5, 2015

I was looking at your About.com site which I think is fantastic! So much information in one place!
Helen Kyne

Executive Director, Montreal Children's Library, July 6, 2012

A link to your articles really adds something to my site! Thanks. BTW I really like your writing.
John Woolfrey, Montreal

Editor & Content Manager, Queer Montreal, Montreal, August 11, 2008

Well either I’m turning into a really good cook, or that was a really good recipe.

I didn’t even miss the usual pig knuckle flavour (I added a bit of extra couple of favorite spices that I will confess to if you post another recipe) … we singles need all the culinary help we can get!

Jim Britton

Montreal, March 1, 2009

I am a regular visitor to your [About.com Montreal] blog and I think you do a wonderful job at promoting Montreal.
Peter Heller

Montreal , December 10, 2008

You wrote very highly about Brasserie Central in Westmount. Just a follow up. We went there and had a great time. Food was wonderful and service terrific. Thanks again!
Donna Grostern

Montreal, July 17, 2012

No need for humility… good careful writing takes time! Yours is MUCH less boring than reading the usual derivative tabloid trash. Keep the good stuff coming. (In reference to UN Meeting/Montreal Millennium Summit analysis).
Jim Britton

Montreal, July 4, 2009

Hello Evelyn, I enjoy your Montreal newsletter immensely.
Ephraim Schwartz

Montreal, July 6, 2012

Hi Evelyn Reid. Love your posts on About.com Montreal.
Yannick Trudel

Montreal, October 14, 2014

Keep up the good work!
Mike Basy

DeBary, Florida, February 21, 2014