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Karl Urban Interview

Having had a chance to chat with the Kiwi thespian about his upcoming projects, Urban slipped in a Star Trek 3 scoop, the latest on the Dredd sequel saga, and I tried to find out what the secret is behind his growing reputation as an actor who nails his characters, whether heavies or heroes, so on point that even the toughest critics have trouble finding fault.

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Nico Rosberg

The Canadian Grand Prix has always been an exciting race. The Gilles Villeneuve circuit allows for frequent overtaking, the track is slippery, Montreal weather has a mind of its own, and you never know when a groundhog might strike. But in 2012, it seems as though every other track of the season, at least insofar, has joined Montreal’s ranks as an unpredictable, nail-biting circuit. For the first time in Formula 1 history, six different drivers won the first six races of the 2012 season, a far cry from Sebastien Vettel’s 2011 monopoly. But why is this happening? I sat down with Mercedes F1 race car driver Nico Rosberg for the scoop.

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Orange Julep: Of Hot Dogs and Hot Rods

Montreal’s finest hot wheels and classic cars converge weekly at roadside diner the Orange Julep—the “Big Orange”—on Decarie Boulevard, a favorite landmark/eyesore among kids, their parents, their grandparents, and even their grandparent’s parents, a tradition going back generations that goes hand in hand with a mystery beverage suspiciously reminiscent of industrial hand soap.

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